The Institute offers services in architectural and structural designing of the following kinds:

 designing of the:

–         residential units

–         buildings and constructions

–         industrial enterprise buildings and constructions

1.  crane free

2. equipped with the 32 t lifting capacity cranes

–         buildings and constructions of agricultural purpose

–         special buildings and constructions of military, defense purposes and law enforcement authorities buildings

–         engineer installations

–         capacitive installations (silos, storage bins, reservoirs, water-towers, gas holders etc.)

  1. structural purpose (stands, retaining walls, supporting elements,  headframes)
  2. for service lines (galleries, flyovers, collectors, canals, tunnels, supporting elements for communication and energy delivery systems)
  3. equipment footing
  4. underground constructions (warehouses, repositories, storage tanks, parking houses etc.)
    1. transport constructions
    2. roads
    3. parking houses, vehicle service stations , fuel filling stations.

–         power constructions

  1. local power stations (diesel and others)
  2. power stations with alternative energy sources
  3. electric substations and distributing devices

–         renewal and refurbishment of architecture monuments

–         structural units  survey

–         materials and constructions characterization with  implementation of special equipment, devices and facilities in  building projects and in laboratories.

  1. load carrying structures of  buildings and constructions  characterization
  2. utility networks and constructions  characterization