Aleksandr Chub

Aleksandr Chub – head-architect of architectural department.

Graduated in 1971 from Kharkiv Institute of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Architecture. Today – Head of the architectural department of “Kharkivproject Institute”, director and chief architect of design and construction company “Kharkivstroyprojekt.”

Member of the Union of Architects in 1973, corresponding member of the Ukrainian Academy of Architecture in 2006.

Main projects:

– series of standard projects sixteen storey 64-large-panel apartment houses for Kharkov

– Therapeutical house of The Regional Hospital at Novgorodska St.

Complex of Technical School № 26 for polygraphists for 540 students on the I.Kamysheva St.

– Project of  Regional Archive building at Uritskogo Sq. in Kharkov

– Project of youth residential complex of  “Radiorele” factory at 165, Gagarina St.